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Tall Pines Carpentry

Where We Came From

We founded Tall Pines Carpentry out of a pure passion for people and a love of history. We learned quickly that the Capital region of New York is home to some of our nation's best people and oldest history. There is no reason these things should not coexist.

Since opening back in 2020, we have become masters at our craft. Our craft is embracing the history of New York's Capital region, loving the vibrance of its' communities and marrying these to create truly one of a kind, custom construction solutions. 

 By choosing Tall Pines Carpentry you are entrusting your home with a family-owned business who care where your house came from and where you hope it goes. 


Get to Know Us


Brendan Icso


Marguax Hoagland

Margaux H.

Business Manager


Doug H.

Project Manager

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